Areas Of Activity

"Effective" principles
The idea underlying Effective is integration within the client company as an expert strategic-financial partner with unique knowledge and experience, in a synergic association with the owners and directors of the client company.
The implementation process starts with an in-house appointment, within the client company, of a team of Effective managers, who serve in practice as financial deputy-director, with full involvement in directing the company.
The sphere of responsibility of the Effective managers includes strategic-level decision-making; managing the budget and cash flow; management of monitoring and control; as well as day-to-day implementation and execution of decisions vis-à-vis the client company's customers, employees, and suppliers.
Special emphasis is placed on the administrative connection with the banks and management of credit facilities, by means of ongoing cash-flow management and day-to-day contact with the banks that are working with the company.
The personal, discreet, and loyal cooperation between the team of Effective managers and the owners and directors of the client-partner is a vital cornerstone in the achievement of business results.
Effective managers have a broad academic education and valuable knowledge in the areas of:
Financial management – including financial analysis, money management, financing, credit, banking, and investment
Business management – including marketing, operations, personnel, and characterization of the information system.
Attainment of optimal levels of control via a range of tools:
Expected cash flow; profit and loss reports; monthly and annual budget; and routine budgetary control.
Ongoing analysis of the activities of the client-partner company in terms of marketing; operations; and financial, banking, and business management.
Spheres of activity
  • Ongoing financial and business management
  • One-time projects 
  • In-house real investment fund

Ongoing financial and business management

Effective operates in full cooperation and constant personal contact with the company’s owners and management, providing strategic management and financial and business guidance as the company’s financial deputy-director, and maintains ongoing contact with all the financial bodies related to its activity, including the banking system, accountant, and accounts department.
Effective operates with maximum on-line monitoring and control of the company’s situation, and is responsible for the following areas:
1.       Drawing up and managing the budget and budgetary control
2.       Management of cash flow
3.       Managing and obtaining credit facilities and alternatives vis-à-vis the banking system
4.       Management of the company’s overall strategy
5.       Setting up and training the company’s economic system
6.       Cost-benefit examination for complex processes:
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  •  Entry into new spheres of activity


Preparing dedicated financing plans

Effective managers place an emphasis on full cooperation with the client company ownership and on purposeful execution.
  • Drawing up of business plans for private and public companies
  • Preparation of company value estimation for the purposes of raising capital, issue, and more

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