In-House Real Investments

As part of its vision, Effective founded a unique company for real investments.
Achieving surplus return on investment and value enhancement of companies in which the capital is invested, with acceptable risk management and via in-house management.
  1. Annual yield of at least 15% per annum (NIS)
  2. Return on investment within a 5-year period
  3. Full control through in-house financial management in all the companies in which the capital is invested
  4. Building value for the investment company
Direct investment in companies fitting the Effective profile: private, mid-sized companies (annual turnover of NIS 25-100m) with enhancement potential.
The financial and strategic management of the companies is undertaken by Effective, which serves as financial deputy-director and is responsible for monitoring and control, in cooperation with the company owners.
The real investment company offers complementary funding over and above that available through commercial banks, with features similar to those of bank financing: working capital financing; solidity; and fixed interest payments. The main difference is the in-house involvement in management, with the potential for enjoying the company's profits.
The principal means for attaining the missions and implementing the above strategy is enlisting the relative advantages that Effective has accumulated, in a number of spheres, and integrating them in such a way as to create surplus return for investors relative to the risk which is managed directly.
The real investments company is orientated to investment in companies that are active in the spheres of industry, commerce, services, retail, and real estate, in the form of shareholder loans or convertible bonds.
The real investments company intends to carry out a synergic integration of its experience in locating companies directed by businesspeople and managers who are leaders in their spheres, along with Effective's ability in financial and strategic management and the raising of quality banking credit, in order to jointly lead the client company to healthy growth.
Private businesspeople and institutional bodies who view in-house investment and management as a significant advantage for increasing yield while maintaining investment acceptability.
Founders and directors
The founders of the company are the directors of Effective, who will manage the real investments company via the platform that has been built over the years.
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